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Odyssey Litehouse Freecoaster Wheel Set

Odyssey Litehouse Freecoaster Wheel Set

$ 419.95

Includes a Odyssey Litehouse Pro front wheel and Odyssey Litehouse freecoaster wheel.

The Odyssey Litehouse Pro front wheel features an Odyssey Vandero Pro front hub laced onto an Odyssey Litehouse rim. The Odyssey Vandero Pro front hub features sealed bearings, and a 7075-T6 aluminum center axle, laced 3X with black 14G spokes to a 36H Odyssey Litehouse rim. Includes Odyssey rim strip.
Center Axle: 17mm 7075-T6 Aluminum
Axle Bolts: 3/8"x24tpi
Hardware: Chromoly Press-Fit
Hub Shell Bearings: 6903 (x2)

The Odyssey Litehouse Freecoaster wheel is built using an Odyssey Litehouse rim and laced 3X with black spokes and black brass nipples to a 36H Odyssey Clutch v2 freecoaster hub. The Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster hub features a super-strong FULL 14mm axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design. It's equipped with external slack adjustment which can be done with a 2.5mm hex key though the hub shell access hole, and an improved plastic hub guard.

  • More slack than the v1 hub
  • All-new durable proprietary plastic spec for the removable hub guard
  • Super-durable bearing arrangement throughout
  • Maximum strength axle design
  • Unique external slack adjustment feature
  • Super-durable drag mechanism design

Driver: 9T

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