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Odyssey Thunderbolt+ Crank Bundle

Odyssey Thunderbolt+ Crank Bundle

$ 229.95 $ 249.95

The Odyssey Thunderbolt+ Crank Bundle includes a Thunderbolt+ crank, an Odyssey La Guardia guard sprocket, and an Odyssey 22mm MID Bottom Bracket.

The Odyssey Thunderbolt+ cranks are 2pc cranks made from 41-thermal chromoly and made through an improved manufacturing process that drastically increases fatigue life and durability. A 22mm hollow chromoly spindle is welded to the drive-side arm to increase strength and provides more stiffness. On the opposite end, it has a slot for the open-end spindle cap which further reduces extra weight.
Spindle: 22mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 12x1.25mm Hollow Flush Mount (x1)
Spindle Splines: Hexagon
Sprocket Bolt: 10x1mm

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