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Stranger Zia Pro Bike

Stranger Zia Pro Bike

$ 1,429.95

*If you would like the bars with a different rise, let us know and we may be able to make the change depending on availability.

From the drop-down menus, choose the set of wheels you would like on the bike. Cassette or Freecoaster from Stranger or PRIMO in RHD (right-hand drive) or LHD 
(left-hand drive). 

Nate Richter's signature 
Stranger Zia Pro bike features an aftermarket Stranger Zia frame, Stranger Ballast IC fork, Stranger Zia handlebar (9.75" Rise), Primo Cali grips, Primo Zia stem, Primo integrated headset, Primo Churchill cranks (170mm), Primo Solid Guard Sprocket (25T), Primo 121 halflink chain, Primo JJ pedals, Stranger Zia pivotal seat, Stranger pivotal seatpost, Primo Richter 2.45" tires, and 4x Stranger Zia 4.5" pegs.

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