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Oriol Bike Shop x Boy - Street Jam

     Less than a month ago, more than 200+ riders met up in front of the shop for the East LA Street Jam. As early as 9am, riders were cruising up and down Cesar Chavez Ave. waiting for the shop to open. By 10am, we let all the early birds into the shop and they copped a free T-shirt along with some other goodies, and some of them copped a few new items and whatever repairs their bikes needed. As several riders waited for the Jam to begin, a couple of rails were brought out from local riders to shred in the local parking spot.
     By 1pm, everyone rolled out of the shop and into the streets of East LA and headed down to Obregon Park. Afterwards, we cruised through Belvedere Skatepark, East LA Civic Center, Metro Station, and a local shopping center. It was a hot day, and LAPD tried shutting us down but we continued our ride until the police decided to kick us out of Monterey Park and back into East LA. By then it was 5pm, so we decided to head back to the shop and enjoy the Tacos that were being prepared. Lots of T-shirts, banners, stickers, seats, DVDs, pedals, tires, and more was thrown out at the product toss that basically everyone left with something.
     As the sun went down, Cesar Chavez Ave turned quite as everyone headed home to rest up. It was indeed an overwhelming day along with the heat of summer, but overall it was fun and the turnout was incredible. 

Thank you all for coming out and celebrating our 13th Anniversary! And we hope to see you all next time we throw another Jam which we will be sure to bigger and better!

Thanks to Sebastian (@galacticseabass) for the pics! 
Huge shoutout to Anthony (@boyrack87) for helping us make this event possible.

Follow all of the following people and sponsors who helped us make this event possible:
S&M Bikes (@sandmbikes)
FIT BIKE CO. (@fitbikeco)
Primo BMX Supply (@pr1mobmx)
Stranger BMX (@strangerco)
Peepgame (@peepgameltd)
The Trip (@the_trip)
Miles Rogoish (@rogoishfilms)
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Cisko Gear Co (@ciskogearco)
Ty Morrow (@tymoe)
Eddie (@eddiesleven)
Eric "Barney" (@310barney)
Tony Neyer (@tonyneyer)
Chris Bracamonte (@chrisbracamonte)

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