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Eclat E440 Seismic Cassette Wheel

Eclat E440 Seismic Cassette Wheel

$ 349.95

The Eclat E440 Seismic cassette wheel is built using a 36H Eclat E440 double-wall rim laced 3X with black 14G spokes and nipples to a Eclat Seismic cassette hub. 

The Eclat Seismic cassette hub utilizes a new internal TCS (Toothed Coupling System) mechanism which was inspired by systems used on high-end road and mountain bikes and redesigned to work inside a BMX cassette hub with a 14mm axle and 9T driver. Instead of using the typical pawl-based system, the Seismic hub used 2x coupled toothed ratchet rings pushed together with a special spring design that allows the hub to transfer power in one direction and "freewheel" in the other. Includes Eclat Viper and Gong nylon-fibreglass hub guards.
Axle: 14mm heat-treated chromoly hollow axle

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